Bushcraft in York at Yorkshire Activity Centre is suitable for anyone aged 6 years and over.

Here  at Yorkshire Activity Centre, we will show you the basic bushcraft/survival skills.​


Discover your primative side or nurture that inbuilt survival instinct on one of our bushcraft / survival sessions.

With the alloted time available we will focus on two of the main priorities, shelter building and fire lighting.

Our instructors, most of who are military trained (sshh!! one is even ex special forces), will explain what you need to know to build a shelter. Using either the natural resources or equipment at your disposal you will need to protect you and your team from the elements and pending disaster.

On to fire lighting. The fundamentals of fire and what it takes to keep one going will be discussed.  

You will be issued with ferro rod and materials to get a fire going and the rest is up to you. If you can keep it going your instructor may let you toast the odd marshmallow, get some popcorn popping, make an infused brew using a gillie kettle or make some damper bread.


If time permits you might get the chance to use a flint and steel, try your hand at making some natural cordage or make some char cloth.


If this session 'sparks'  an interest and you would like to do more then contact us about our 1/2 day or full day courses.

Yorkshire Activity Centre offers Bushcraft in York from the age of 6, this activity is perfect for families, couples, friends and team building.

Our activity centre is within easy reach of York, Leeds, Harrogate and Selby. This makes a perfect day out in York as we are just off the outer ring road, which gives easy access to York City Centre.

Can you get the fire burning?

Are you looking to learn Bushcraft in York?

Bushcraft in York

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